The Sagardias 2023 | Year in Review

December 7, 2023

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December 7, 2023

Sagardia’s Year in Review


Your fifth grandma (Dee Dee, Omi, Abuela, KC, and Dinah) and favorite nanny, Dinah, began taking care of you. You started rolling just so you could get to the Christmas tree ornaments and lights (yes, we’re slackers and didn’t take down the tree right after Christmas). You went to Lake Tahoe, saw snow for the VERY first time, and dropped daddy and Kimi off to ski. Dee Dee and Pop Pop visited you again after an Army work trip to San Francisco, they were so excited to see you! While they were visiting, you visited 3 more wineries with Dee Dee, Pop Pop, mom and dad and rode in your first limo. We took lots and lots of walks around the park near our house in January. You also visited the Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model on a work trip with mom-she was fresh back to work then and just wanted to be with you all of the time.


In February, we did lots of hiking!! We went to Point Reyes and did a really hard and steep hike near our house in San Rafael. Grandaddy came and visited by himself and did the really steep hike with us and he carried you half way up-he’s a trooper. We also went to Stinson Beach with Grandaddy.


You had a mommy and me photoshoot with momma for her photographer friends. She loved that bonding time with you and the ability to capture such special moments. Momma also flew over our house in a Coast Guard helicopter and waved to you. Miss Dinah saw mommy too!


In April we took more family photos with Ashley Kaplan Photography near the Golden Gate Bridge. You mean mugged the whole time but we understand because it was cold and windy up there. We met our new friends Ruby and August for a Goodwill date! We also flew to Spain to visit Auntie Kay Kay and you slept in an airplane bassinet for the very first time just before you outgrew the weight limit! While in Spain, we saw Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville and did lots of fun things like saw your first bull fight, a flamenco performance (you LOVED this), visited the stunning Sagrada familia cathedral, and Park Guell. You took your first trains in Spain and visited the historic and culturally rich, La Ferria. Aunt Kaylyn dressed up in a traditional Sevillan dress and showed us around the town she studied abroad in! You loved all of the lights and colors.


When we got back from Spain, Aunt Veronica and Uncle Shawn surprised us with a visit! While they were here, we walked the entire Golden Gate Bridge, visited V. Sattui Winery, and visited Clos Pegase for the second time. Having all of these visitor’s really forces us to be tourists in our own city and keeps us young! We celebrated Mother’s Day with our friends Alex, Ruby, and August at a Mexican restaurant with lots of chips and a little bit of tequila. You didn’t have tequila-only mommy and Ruby did. Abuela visited again to help give mommy some time to study for her Command Duty Officer board. Then we went to Jacuzzi and Kline wineries to celebrate mommy being qualified. You really developed your dance moves this month.


We celebrated mommy’s birthday with a staycation in Napa Valley near V. Sattui Winery. We stayed at this cute little hotel only a half of a mile from the winery and loved it. Then we went and had a fancy dinner on my actual birthday in downtown Sausalito at a cute little Italian restaurant called Poggio. Momma took you on your first adventure on a ferry to the Giants game-while daddy was visiting Puerto Rico to celebrate Abuela’s graduation. We found out you get heat hives because you have sensitive skin like mom. We also went to San Diego while mom was there for a work conference called The Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium. We also visited the zoo and ate lots of delicious local food. Daddy wants to get stationed there one day. Then we flew home early to go to Augie’s first birthday party. You loved all of Augie’s new toys and thought they were your own.


You went to the pool for the first time ever and LOVED it. You even used the towel Dee Dee bought you with your name on it to dry off. You went glamping for the first time ever with your bestie, August, in my third national park, Pinnacles National Park. You didn’t like your sleeping bag very much because you couldn’t get to your thumbs to suck them. We did a hike and you saw a banana slug for the first time! Momma has been planning your party like crazy. Grandaddy visited for another week and we brought him to Yosemite for the first time. You liked it more this time because you were a little older and able to crawl all over the place. We did 2 hikes, one to Yosemite Falls and one to Vernal Falls and you thought they were pretty rad. So rad, you fell asleep in the hiking carrier on one. Then you swung a lot with grandaddy at the local park, hung out at the pool, and got spoiled by the owner and head chef at Burmatown (mom’s fav restaurant). Then we went back to V. Sattui just to try the wine again and had a fun evening. And here we are… on my first birthday with this exciting year behind me. I can’t wait to see what adventures call my name next.


You started off August by trying on fedora’s at Target and looking adorable while doing it. Then you and mom took a trip via plane to get to Savannah, GA where we visited your great Aunt Brooke and Uncle Chuck and your Dee Dee and Aunts and Uncles. You played in a fountain at a local park, celebrated your birthday again with your closest family and Aunt Brooke and Uncle Chuck had balloons up for you (which you LOVED), bought you a smash cake and an adorable whale onesie and cloth bib! During this trip we also went to the beach and you got a bath in the sink with Dee Dee. Then we went to Dee Dee and Pop Pop’s house where Dee Dee had birthday decorations up and toys for you also. You went down the slip and slide for the first time ever with Auntie Kaylyn. You went to Gabi’s swim meet and played in the baby pool while Aunt Gabi crushed her meet and we released balloons for Uncle Ryan on his birthday. Mommy and Daddy had their first overnight stay away from you in downtown Columbia, SC. Then we went to the beach with Omi, Granddaddy and Aunt Samantha and ate lots of slushies and tagged along when Aunt Sam purchased some crabs as pets to take home. We also went mini-golfing and explored the beach. It was so much fun! Mommy found out she’s pregnant with your baby sibling on August 26th!!!


In September we traveled to Monterey as a family because Mommy second photographed a wedding in Carmel. We saw sea lions and went to a cute little bakery. We went over to your friend August’s house for dinner. And we told family that we were expecting a little sibling for you. We went to some really cool local parks, hiked, and ate a lot of good food. You became an integral part of carport cocktail and helped John celebrate his 90th birthday.


In October we went at played at the Mill Valley library. We went and stayed in a cabin near Lassen Volcanic National Park and explored the National Park. It’s a very unique park with hot spots and thermal pools. We had Johnny, our 76 year old neighbor, over for dinner a few times. We went to your first pumpkin patch and you loved trying to pick up all of the big pumkins. You also really loved the big slide where you ride in the burlap sack but absolutely hated waiting in line. We also did a tractor ride around the property, playing in a corn pit and saw cows, pigs, and horses! You also carved pumpins with Auggie. Auggie carved a kitty cat and we craved a bike pumpking to give to Johnny. You also broke your arm in 2 places (your ulna and your radius) and had to get a cast on for 4 weeks. You surprisingly didn’t mind getting it put on and didn’t shove anything other than leaves into it for the most part. You were a lion for Halloween and we went to a trunk or treat, went to a Halloween block party and trick or treated on Halloween! You absolutely loved all of the fallen leaves and had to throw them everytime we went outside. You also. couldn’t keep your hands off of a skeleton hand Ms. Sharon kept outside as decoration. You loved to steal it and bring it home. On October 29th, we found out your baby sibling is a GIRL!!!!!!!!


We started off November with a bike ride around the fairgrounds in your new bike trailer. Our family found out baby will be a girl via Facetime when mom sent a baseball/soccer ball to each family. We had lots of fun neighborhood play with Ms. Stacy’s grandson’s and we also had a family photoshoot. We had lots of fireplace fires and cuddles and we stayed home and cooked Thanksgiving here. You also had your first haircut ever.


Your abuela came to visit from Puerto Rico and then she flew to Cancun with us.


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