Photographs are the reason I know what my mother looked like when she was my age, how much she loved celebrating Christmas with her first baby, and...

Now, thanks to my own photographs I can feel the joy of reuniting with my husband after several months of long-distance, the euphoria of spending a night out on the town, the grief of losing my brother, and the wonder of exploring a new country for the first time.

Here's the deal I cannot live without capturing memories.

it gives me a glimpse into the history of who I was before I became me today. 

The big picture is that these memories being captured aren't just for you, right? They will tell the story of your love and legacy to future generations. 

Although my photos won’t necessarily show me getting Chick-fil-A, drinking chai teas, and watching Criminal Minds…they will show me enjoying simple pleasures, the day to day of being in the Coast Guard, loving on my people, candid moments worth saving, the small everyday adventures and the big “life will never be the same” ones.

Although my parents loved to take countless photographs, I didn’t want to be seen. My insecurities really ran the show, and nowadays I can’t help but kick myself for that. When my brother Ryan passed away at only 27, I cannot express just how tightly I held onto the photos I have of us together. I’m so grateful to have those regardless of what I looked like and wish more than anything I had more of them.

Just take the photo.

Trust me, you won't regret it. 

Truly, you don't know how special a photo is until you don't have that person anymore. All we have left of Ryan are our memories,  shaky and dated home videos and weathered family photo albums. That's where his legacy is, that's where I can visit him, and that's where I find comfort.

Take the selfie, hire a photographer just because, and love them while you can!

The people who mean the most to me...

These moments matter.

If you're dying to know more, here are some things you might not know about me:

I was born in Hedielberg, Germany and have lived in 8 states

I love chicken nuggets but hate baked chicken

I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

My claim to fame is that when I was in college, I was Cameron Buffets (Jimmy Buffets son) resident assistant in our dorm

My husband and I have goals to visit every major league baseball stadium, every National Park, and to pay our house off within the next 5 years

I do not like scary movies. AT ALL.

I love quesadillas but not if they have too much cheese

I have traveled to the most northernmost point AND the southernmost point in America. (Point Barrow, Alaska + Ka Lae, Hawaii)

I was in marching band and I can still play the National Anthem by heart on my flute or piccolo

I am an active duty military member

I used to be a sailing instructor at a YMCA camp

I love milkshakes but I'm lactose intolerant… - what an inconvenience


*Nap king
*Food lover
*Crawling master

*Husband + kick ass father
*Master chef
*Old fashioned aficionado
*Expert at putting things together

*Wife + mother
*Shirley temple queen
*The creative mind

meet the fam

In the wise words of Tswift... And all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for.”

Despite swearing off love, it found me anyway. Why does it always seem to happen like that!?

I had no idea that on a regular day in 2016 while walking into the engine room for shift change, that I would run into the love of my life, Jesus (not the Christ one, though I love him too). Sure at first I was just smitten by his ocean colored eyes, but It didn’t take long for those raging butterflies to turn into something deeper than either of us could’ve imagined. Through work loopholes, long distance, and a lot of selflessness we managed to get married and build a pretty kickass life together.

Our life is full of adventure and uncertainty, but it makes sense to us, because of us. There is so much joy and security in our day to day with one another. It takes a really special kind of person to camp across the country from California to Connecticut with and to move their lives every three years being a part of the Coast Guard. He’s that person, he’s my person.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good love story.

"We not only gained breathtaking photos, but a new friend!"

“Beginning to end, everything about our time with Brittany was everything you’d wish for in your photo session and so much more. Watching her magic come to life was an experience my fiance and I will never forget, and can't wait to do again soon. Neither of us have ever had professional photos done before, and so we were both a bit nervous. Brittany took all of those nerves away; her prompts we SO. MUCH. FUN! Everything about our love, from the silliness to the passion, came through vividly in her work, and so naturally. We not only gained breathtaking photos, but a new friend. I can’t recommend her enough. From her personality, to her dedication to her clients, to her eye for capturing love, and everything in between."

"Hire her.
For everything.”