what is? 

Love is the most challenging, crazy, beautiful, maddening, and worthwhile thing in this life. And if that's not worth capturing,

San Francisco Bay Area Wedding and Family Photographer

For the young at heart
and fiercely
in love. 

If you value embracing the now over being perfectly posed, then I'm your girl. 

Although I've traveled all over the world, one of my favorite places to come back to is memory lane. I've always reveled in the sentiment of looking through old photographs and reliving the humanness of that moment in time. Pictures happen in a flash. It’s easy to tell when a moment was forced versus capturing someone's real smile, genuine personality ... them as they truly are.

My style is raw, honest, and a little bit messy—  just like me!

It's your day. Time to grab your favorite people and dance your heart out.

And I mean alllll of it, not just the planning. But the time spent searching for your person. The years of making a life together. And the work that goes into wholly loving one another. 

We’ll freeze the getting ready jitters, the first look tears, the utter euphoria of “I do”, the sweet slow moments, and the tremendous joy all around you. You know, the whirlwind of moments you want to savor and share. Too-good-to-be-true photographs that say,

“It was all worth it.” 

"When I first contacted Brittany she was nothing but a smile to your face and stress relief, she helped me so much with planning time and schedule, it was nice to have someone so open and caring. When it comes to photos, she is an expert on catching the emotions of what is happening around. Every time I look at the photos I can just feel love coming off of everyone, she did such a great job of making sure everything from your dream desire was fulfilled.”

- marcella & nate

"Every time I look at the photos I can just feel love coming off of everyone."

At the end of the day all we want as parents is to preserve…

We’ll do just that with these photographs and it’ll even be fun! That way when they are grown you can look back at these photos full of nostalgia and gratitude. And still think “THAT is my child. What a fricken goober.”

… - their little features.
… - their personality right now.
… - their million and one questions.

Let them be kids,  I promise the pictures will still be cute as heck. 

Let’s chase them around, make fools of ourselves together, perhaps even bribe them, all for the sake of capturing them being their genuine selves. In their element. Whatever that may look like!

I have to get something off my chest...

Chances are I'll probably cry happy tears at some point. I'll get way too excited and edit till dawn. I'll over deliver. And I'll insist we do it all again sometime. 

Our experience was amazing! It just felt so happy, fun, and comfortable.”

Working with Brittany was such an amazing experience! It just felt so happy, fun, and comfortable for both me and my boyfriend. She made us laugh the whole time, there was NEVER a dull moment! Of course we booked her again because how could we not?! The pictures were natural and beautiful. We seriously could not ask for anything better.


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